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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Tinggal di Prince Hotel

This is still follow up story of our holiday vacant in Kuala Lumpur. Very sorry if I didn't put the story in at once story.
The picture above shows interior situation of Prince Hotel and Apartment Residence, place where we stayed during five days in KL.
Room and other equipment is quiet well. Owner of the building seriously designed the building to be a comfort place to stay. There are two sleeping rooms. One other is working room, equipped with sofa.
But, this sofa is prepared if the occupant wants to have another sleeping room. This sofa just to be tied with another sleeping bed. A new convenience place for sleeping is ready now. Just pull the devider. Now you don't get only sleeping bed. Also a bed room.
Table for eating is quiet well also. Please watch its artistic lamp.
With this all convenience place, then when do we go work? Posted by Picasa

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