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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Melihat Singapore Air Show

Last week, we went to Singapore for watching Singapore Air Show. This is the biggest air show in the region of Asia Pacific, according to the official statement from the organizer.

Darrel, his father, and his mom --Uni Lubis-- really enjoyed the show. First, we have to recognize that the organization was arranged quite well. Every visitor, both from abroad or from Singapore, can access to get the ticket in very simple way. Just click the internet, then we went to Smailing Tour as its representative in Indonesia, to get the ticket.

The ticket was consisted of three parts: to get the bus from Changi, to entering the show, and to return from the show to Changi.

Second, we have very much new information of the show. You can get info from engine, maintainance, until the newest aircraft.

The complaint I got was, very difficult to get place for shalat...
Above are sompe photos of the show...