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Friday, August 03, 2007

Adang Dani or Foke Prijanto?

Our family don’t live in Jakarta. None of us –mommy, ayah, and three people working at our house—has Jakarta ID Card. But we can feel the atmosphere of ‘democracy fiesta’. Poster, banner, sticker, spreaded in all corners of Jakarta. It’s easy to see car withOur family don’t live in Jakarta. None of us –mommy, ayah, and three people working at our house—has Jakarta ID Card. But we can feel the picture of Fauzi Bowe-Prijanto and Adang Daradjatun-Dani Anwar, on the rear of front glass.

So, though our ID Cards are issued by Bekasi Mayoralty, we can feel the hectic, anxiousness, and maybe the spirit of competition of both candidates, and their supporters. We’re not part of their success team. But, our house only some 100 meters from the border of Jakarta-West Java. Also, as journalists, we know well both candidates and some of the success team.

Pak Foke –this is the popular name of Pak Fauzi Bowo-- was vice governor of Jakarta, until he took vacancy as he was announced as candidate of Jakarta Governor by KPU Jakarta, at the early of July. During his era as vice governor, he many times met with member of Editor’s Club. I was chief editor of Gatra, until I resigined on the early of 2006. And mommy Uni is vice chief editor of TV 7, then Antv. We met him many times.

And Pak Adang? He was deputy chief of Kapolri for many years. Uni many times contacted him. After Pak Adang declared that he would joint Pilkada, he was much more easily contacted. He opened access for press, as wide as possible.


Today, Augusts 3, Jakarta street is very jammed. Pak Adang and his supporter, mostly come from PKS members, gathered at Parkir Timur, Senayan. ‘’We will prove that Pak Adang supported by majority of Jakarta people,’’ Igo Ilham, head of campaigning team said on a press conference at Hotel Sari Pacific, base of Pak Adang team.

Igo really angry to many surveys that predicts Pak Fauzi Bowo will win easily. The latest poll conducted by Lembaga Survey Indonesia said Pak Fauzi will take some 56%. Before, Lingkaran Survey Indonesia, a company established by Denny JA, published its survey, that mostly similar.

That’s why Pak Hidayat Nurwahid, Chairman of MPR and former President of PKS, feels worry to the poll. ‘’Polling must be independent,’’ said he, comments on many surveys.

Is the poll full of sponsorship? Or are there any covert agenda? Difficult to answer. But Igo can prove that Jakarta, today, is flooded by the supporter of Pak Adang. Actually I have two appointment, this Friday. I am very sorry, all must be cancelled.


There were two campaigned on the open air, in the nearby arena. The first in Parkir Timur. The second at Sumantri Brodjonegoro football field. Those two place separated by Jalan Gatot Subroto and Jalan Rasuna Said, less then 5 Km. You can imagine how the jamm was.

I was at office. ‘’Don’t go outside,’’ said my friend.

Mas Didik Soewandi, a businessman who I know well, called me. He was trapped at Jalan Rasuna Said. ‘’My car can’t move forward. I have to stop,’’ he said.

A minute later, two metro mini came. They are full of ibu-ibu. Two of them pull out their T-Shirt, with picture of Adang and Dani.

‘’Bu, why you pull out yut T-Shirt?’’ I asked.

‘’Very hot. This T Shirt seems very cheap, so very rough for my skin,’’ she said.

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